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Greg Tamblyn was raised on a fishing boat in the Bahamas. He was illiterate until the age of thirteen, when his father traded a large yellowfin tuna for a guitar and some Hardy Boys mysteries, and taught him to play music and read. His mother helped him learn harmony and write his first songs.

After his father’s untimely death in a shark hunting accident, his mother became fascinated by voodoo and emigrated to Haiti. Left on his own, Greg sailed the family boat to New Orleans and sold it, using the money to attend college, where (like Roy Orbison) he studied geology. While singing at night on the streets of the French Quarter, he was discovered by a music publisher who brought him to Nashville and got him a job at a well known health food restaurant. There he was able to meet influential people in the music business and learn what wine to recommend with tofu.

In Nashville and afterward, Greg has written and recorded six albums. As well as more serious songs, they feature off-the-wall tunes about pop psychology, beer commercials, and other musical musings on our often-crazy culture. He has appeared internationally and had songs recorded by other artists from Canada to the Philippines.

Recently Greg was back in the Bahamas, singing to a packed house, writing new songs for his next album, and searching for the rogue shark that killed his father.

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