Listen my friends, take a deep breath and relax
Remember a time, not so long ago
When you were soothed by the rhythm of your mother’s heartbeat
You were swayed by the movement of her hips when she walked

You rested in her loins and swam in the comfort of her love
Listen to the drum
The sound that echoes in your heart
It takes you back to a time of unconditional love and devotion
When your needs were all met and you felt no separation
Your heart is one with her and she is one with you
That thing that we all shared at one point with another human being
We all came from her, the mother, the maiden
Black, white, pale yellow, red skinned
We all have heard the beat and were soothed by it…
Remember a time of no worries, no ripping at the world
Just peace, love, hope
Listen to the drum as it takes you back…
You are the drum, I am the drum, we are the beat
Listen and remember!