I am the one that closes my eyes to open my senses.
I am the comfort of the world and everyone in it.
Light your world with my shining soul,
follow my golden path of guidance to a place of peace and happiness.
No need to fight for useless objects,
you have everything you need right here in me my dear.
Look to me if your sad, lonely, and gray,
for I will shed my color onto you in waves of joy.
You, my child, don’t have to look for me.
I am already here inside of you and everything.
I am universe that creates the earth.
I am the God and Goddess that watches everyone
I am the joy in a small baby’s laughter
I am The love that is in your eyes when you look at your child.
I am the spirit that fills everyone with life.
I am also you my child.
Now you understand and cherish around you,
spread my love onto others and teach them that they are the whole divine power in themselves.
Let the feel the fulfillment of seeing the world of it’s full potential.
Go onto you mission to love.